The patent pending, HEKA WING, is the ultimate electric Hybrid-VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) drone, combining the capabilities and benefits of multi-rotor and fixed-wing systems. HEKA’s patent pending gimbaled fan system gives the UAS 360 degrees of vectored thrust allowing users to meet the demands of any application.



The Hybrid-VTOL has the capability to vertically take-off and land (VTOL), transition to fixed-wing flight, and perform maneuvers multi-rotors can to a greater degree.


The incorporation of HEKA’s patent-pending gimbaled fan system gives the HEKA Wing a level of maneuverability unparalleled to traditional multi-rotors and a level maneuverability currently non-existent in fixed-wing aircraft.


Advanced software control coupled with the gimbaled fan system provide the system with superior stability. Real-time feedback from sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers make flying the HEKA Wing easier and safer.


Modular design lets users interchange components from different wing types, gimbaled fan sizes, batteries, and payloads to best serve each mission.


Aerodynamic efficiencies of fixed-wing flight provide users with longer flight range and time, meaning reduced operating costs. Furthermore, users may swap in more batteries and more efficient wings to better serve longer enduring missions.


The HEKA Wing’s modular design makes transport more compact and easy. VTOL capability frees users from the need for runways and the hassle of launch and recovery equipment.

HEKA Wing LE - Design 1

UAS Configuration Comparison Chart

Maneuverability X
Stability X
Size/Portability X
Ease-of-use X
Range X
Payload Capacity X
Safer Recovery from Motor Power Loss X